Automatic Website Social Network Posting

Save time and effort.  Maintaining a website blog, news articles and multiple social network accounts can be hard work and time consuming. This often leaves website blogs and social media looking neglected with no recent posts.  How many websites or social media accounts have you seen with a flurry of posts, then none for a number of months or even years?

We can provide the capability for you to update a blog / page or product on your website, and have this automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook.  You can either choose what is sent to social media or automatically set it so certain information is sent automatically.

New posts can be made from your website or an app on your phone or tablet.

Goodlife Solutions can set this up for you, connecting your website and social media accounts.

Available to existing clients only.

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Making regular posts to social media accounts is not only keeps customers, clients & friends up to date, but has the potential to increase your profile on social media as well as improved rankings in Google!

All you need is:

  1. A Facebook account and/or;
  2. A Twitter account;
  3.  A website maintained and hosted by GoodLife Solutions.

Contact us, if you want to connect to other social media accounts or would like a demonstration.


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