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If you sell products from your website, and also on an eBay store, you can save a lot of time and money by connecting your  website shop with your eBay Store.

Select products from your website shop, and they can be automatically listed in your eBay store.  You can select multiple products right from your ‘shop manager’ products page, and apply a set of predefined options that automatically list the items on eBay in just a few clicks.  Listing items requires no more effort allowing full synching of inventory between eBay and your website.  eBay listings are all verified mapping to eBay categories and shipping options.

Available to existing clients only.

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Full ebay sycnchronisation saves money, time and eliminates the chance of errors.

The requirements for adding this functionality to your website are:

  • An ebay account;
  • An ecommerce website shop hosted and managed by GoodLife Solutions.

Want to sell on Amazon too, then we have a solutions for that too with an Amazon Lister.


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