Website Hosting Subscription


Once your website has been built it needs to be on a computer (server) so that it can be accessed over the Internet. Your website needs a home!

At GoodLife Solutions we have a selection of servers that we manage and configure to ensure that your website is fine tuned. Unlike other companies, we support and manage the servers ourselves. We take pride in what we do, we would recommend that if we build your website, we host it for you. This allows us to continue providing a personal service and ensuring that your website is working as you need it to.

You are not paying a lot for a personal service while having peace of mind that our servers are dedicated to the running of your website!

Website hosting is a subscription based service paid annually.  Payment maybe made securely from our website using Direct Debit, Credit or Debit card.

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This is an annual cost, payable 12 months in advance and setup as a subscription.

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